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Driving down the road in their car after a wedding two young, attractive ladies are chatting away about the wedding they had both just attended. They had met at the wedding as one was a friend of the bride and the other a friend of the groom. The passenger had been in the bridal party and needed a lift home so the driver offered to help out. Whilst fighting the blanket of tiredness which was slowly descending upon them they reached the turn off, off the interstate (highway, autobahn...) to the neighbourhood they discovered they both lived in, a torrential downpour broke loose.

**Lightning strike, thunder and eerie music...** :evil:

The tic tac of the wipers on the windshield brought little comfort as the wiper blades smeared the rain and splatted bugs together into a soup on the windshield obscuring their view ahead.

As the windshield began to mist slightly they inched further toward the safety of home and the comfort of a soft down duvet.

Suddenly **car crash sound** a figure darted in front of the car and they hit it full force. The figure goes flip-flopping through the air and lands in the road with an eerie howl. The passenger gets out the car despite the objections of the driver. As she gets out she says that she is worried because it could be her brother who often stays awake at night and gets up to mischief in the same neighbourhood they are in. She runs up to the figure piled in a heap on the road. Staying in the vehicle the driver hears another howl - this time even more piercing and longer.

Beginning to shiver in fear she hoots the horn and switches the wipers on again but through the blurred windshield she could not see anything. She locks her door and hoots the horn. Her passenger does not respond so she nervously pulls her door handle to open the door.
**the sound of a person jumping onto a car and classic horror movie high pitched shriek**
Jolting back into her seat she tries to get her car started again but nothing happens. She screams for help but nobody can hear her over the storm. Another howl and another and another. She sees a wolf like face with fangs bared appear on the other side of the windshield and shrieks one last time as the glass of the door smashes.

Later that night police come across the gruesome scene of a young lady mutilated and torn by not one but two wild animals... :evil:

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