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Originally Posted by cazgotsaved View Post
I wish GK:SotF was abandonware...I have it downlo....uh....purchased and installed on my desktop.....

I have to disagree with your assessment of Bioshock and Fallout 2 - Bioshock is (always arguably, of course) in my top 10 all-time favorite stories. It was the gameplay that got kind of old to me - 1/2 way through the game I had more ammo than I knew what to do with, and was only searching everything so I could find all the weapon upgrades. "Would you kindly" plot twist was *amazing* IMHO - but I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed, I have...feelings about people in games, whether they're good or bad, if they'll betray you, etc - but I honestly didn't see that one coming.

Fallout 2 had an *excellent* story, and is considered by most fans (myself included) to be the best of the 3 Fallout games (please don't get me started on Bethesda's Oblivion version of Fallout - there's a lot of residual hatred there)
Fallout 1 ended too quickly, and it seemed rushed at the end. Maybe because of the time limit, but.....? Fallout 2 seemed very good, each locale had it's own story, and what you did in one place often affected the other. I thought that yes, the main NPC's did seem a little *too* stereo-typed, but hey, not bad for 96'/'97

KOTOR wasn't the best story ever, but neither were the movies. They have a very specific evil/good black/white feel to them, and the game brought out the Star Wars universe very well, especially the first one.

FF3 (for those of us state-side) came out in ... what? 1993? For '93 that game had an *amazing* storyline, and one that wasn't seen....EVER.....for us Americans. Maybe they'd been doing this thing in Japan for years, but it was the first exposure I had to the 'massive' RPG worlds that became Final Fantasy. and what other great RPG do YOU know of that let you play 2 players???? (BTW FF7 happens to be my 2nd favorite, but we all know it went downhill after that....boohoo....)

Then KOTOR shouldn't be on the list.

BioShock's story went from mature elaborate storytelling to mere "HERE IT IS" crap in the later quarter. From a writer's standpoint, it was rushed and ugly. They must have thought that just butchering Andrew Ryan and having your character die a horrible death wouldn't be a good ending, so they added an utterly abysmal ending segment with some of the dullest and most irritating levels in the game. No way, no how.

Fallout 2 did NOT have an "excellent story", and your comment about the majority of fans finding FO2 the best is EXTREMELY incorrect, go to No Mutants Allowed and just look at all the polls asking which one was the best.

Nearly EVERY Fallout fan on NMA likes FO1 better, and that site has the oldest and largest majority of the fan base.
And NO, FO2 was terrible for 1997 in the regards of story. Keep in mind that text-based adventures had been pulling off superior stories with better characters than FO2. FO2 had too much self-referential humor, completely dropped FO1's ironic humor for a more juvenile repertoire of jokes, and felt too "green" for the post-apocalyptic setting, there were too many points in FO2 that I felt that the setting wasn't so bad after all. FO1 was a terrible terrible place that was tough violent and gritty and full of misguided ideals and scavengers. Not so in FO2.
FO2 is pretty much only saved by its gameplay and the fact that the writing wasn't bad at all, there were still as many choices (more). Hell FO2 was better conceptually, but at the end it doesn't satisfy like FO1.
Hell you even agreed on Sins of the Fathers which came out at the same time, impossible, retarded that you would say that FO2 did well for '97.

And pray tell how did Fallout look rushed near the end? In comparison to Fallout 2's shitastic ending? Oh look! You blew up the oil platform, the Enclave is dead and everyone lives happily ever after! Compare that to - You just saved the human race from a FEV mutated madman who thought that the key to human peace and unity was to round up all the humans in the world and turn them into mutants so that the issue of race and diversity would not exist - the Master did it all for what he thought was the "greater good" and when you convince him that his "superior" race was doomed because Super Mutants couldn't reproduce, he felt that since his actions were now in vain, that all the horrible things he had done were for nothing.

He feels GUILT. What did the president in FO2 feel? Nothing, all he felt was that they needed to make the world better for themselves. Typical tripe.

No way Fallout 2 is a good story. Not even the most seasoned fan would say that. I can list the ways FO2's story sucks.

1. Copied directly from FO1 with everything toned down (no time limit, Enclave has no motivation beyond "We're better! We're bad!")

2. The entire oil platform segment is rife with boring backstory that is totally unemotional and ineffective.

3. No extensive backstory on the Enclave and the president like the there was in FO1 between the Master and the mutants. IE, no connecting and relate able characters like Harold around to connect you to the villain personally.

4. You HAD to kill Frank Horrigan, you HAD to destroy the Enclave. Remembering the bad ending to FO1? The horrible guilt you felt after thinking that maybe the Master's great plan was right, only to watch yourself get dipped in an FEV vat and your entire Vault violently and brutally attacked where the Super Mutants only stopped killing to capture a few of your "prime" brethren for more mutations?

PS - For all the people telling me that FF VI or FF IV or whatever the piece of junk's name is, remember me saying that Ultima IV had a better story than all of them? That game out in 1985, the release date of the game doesn't make up for poor writing, characters, or predictable plot twists.
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