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Originally Posted by Blood-Pigggy View Post

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - Do I really need to say anything? Oh yes, this game deserves to be above ALL the other games mentioned in this atrocious article. It has the best story out of all of them bar none.

Bioshock - No, no, just no. It's well written sure, but gimmicky and the game should've ended three quarters in. Once again, GamesRadar can't separate story from presentation.

Planescape: Torment - Atrocious game with a fantastic story, it deserves to be on the list, but as far as the gameplay go, Planescape is an unbalanced turd. It's like watching Hamlet with Alec Guinness playing the lead role while performing in somebody's garage with all the other actors sedated with morphine.

Fallout 2 - I consider this a slap in the face. How dare they take the crappy generic Enclave, the boring and stereotypical president along with the dull New Reno/NCR politics over the Master and his misguided views of a perfect united world? The Master was original, the Children of the Cathedral were confused and esoteric people, the mutants driven to the Master's wim by their stupidity, and Lou just being the biggest dick all in the middle of it. I refuse to take generic big fat Frank Horrigan over the Master and Lou.

KOTOR - Ahahaha, yeah, right.

Final Fantasy VI - Ok, yeah I've heard the group of teenagers rise up and kill evil things a thousand times in JRPGs. FFVI's story wasn't bad per se, but it's in no way good, even Fallout 2 was better in the story regard, and I hate FO2's story.
I wish GK:SotF was abandonware...I have it downlo....uh....purchased and installed on my desktop.....

I have to disagree with your assessment of Bioshock and Fallout 2 - Bioshock is (always arguably, of course) in my top 10 all-time favorite stories. It was the gameplay that got kind of old to me - 1/2 way through the game I had more ammo than I knew what to do with, and was only searching everything so I could find all the weapon upgrades. "Would you kindly" plot twist was *amazing* IMHO - but I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed, I have...feelings about people in games, whether they're good or bad, if they'll betray you, etc - but I honestly didn't see that one coming.

Fallout 2 had an *excellent* story, and is considered by most fans (myself included) to be the best of the 3 Fallout games (please don't get me started on Bethesda's Oblivion version of Fallout - there's a lot of residual hatred there)
Fallout 1 ended too quickly, and it seemed rushed at the end. Maybe because of the time limit, but.....? Fallout 2 seemed very good, each locale had it's own story, and what you did in one place often affected the other. I thought that yes, the main NPC's did seem a little *too* stereo-typed, but hey, not bad for 96'/'97

KOTOR wasn't the best story ever, but neither were the movies. They have a very specific evil/good black/white feel to them, and the game brought out the Star Wars universe very well, especially the first one.

FF3 (for those of us state-side) came out in ... what? 1993? For '93 that game had an *amazing* storyline, and one that wasn't seen....EVER.....for us Americans. Maybe they'd been doing this thing in Japan for years, but it was the first exposure I had to the 'massive' RPG worlds that became Final Fantasy. and what other great RPG do YOU know of that let you play 2 players???? (BTW FF7 happens to be my 2nd favorite, but we all know it went downhill after that....boohoo....)
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