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Default Thanks, Smiling_Spectre!

Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post
Congrats, Tracker!

Um, actually, it depends on what do you name "abandonware scene". Abandonware was hot when it was fresh - 1995 game is quite good when you are in 2000+. Now it's less populated, if we are speaking about the same period (1980-1995), but, I bet, there is still a lot of activity if speaking about 2005+ games. Not my thing though, because I moved to legal on this time range, thanks to Steam.

Speaking about "true" Abandonware, pre-2000s one, I can name three hot points and one at least warm. make a great efforts to preserve all Abandonware - seeking it, buying it and tracking it (even if I, personally, shocked with their fond of Korean games), Abandonware France does the same for French games, and eXo do a great work to make playable DOS-collection of _everything_ (i.e. one game, best version, preferrably English one to be playable). I am resident of his Discord channel, so I can see it, and participate too.

And "warm" point is DOS-collection. They intended to collect everything about DOS-games, so it makes it less organized and less usable than eXo's one, but also bigger and more universal too. Not much action there, unfortunately, but it is.
Wow, you guys are very dedicated in Russia! I don't think Abandonware will have a future, though. I mean, there was a short period when lots of games were forgotten. But there are lot of businesses today who are focusing on releasing old games. Publishers are very sensitive about holding on to titles now.

But, I think we can all agree it was a fun era to be in. In addition to your suggestions, I would also say reddit has a community around DOS games and all things retro.

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