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Now, talking about the review, no wonder the reviewer says the Hairys are so “mean”. I also agree, as I have a vague idea of ​​why Hairys are considered “mean”...

Hairys are so mean!

Oh, if you could borrow powerful characters from other Universes like Cartoons, Comics and Movies, I come to mind three powerful, invincible and Legendary Baldies.

They are the legendary rulers of Baldo and gods of the World of Baldies.

(Lord Eggplant);

(Lord Egg Head );

(Lord Chayote).

Unfortunately, they are arguing over who is the Supreme Ruler:

• Who is the most bald or the least hairy?

• Who is the tallest?

• Who is the most handsome and sexiest?

• Who has the brightest head (shining and / or the wisest)?

Those issues show the existential crisis of the Grand Masters and how they are restless and pulling their hair... May the Force be with them!

Well, the war between Baldyland / Baldydom (aka Baldo) and Hairyland / Hairydom (aka Hairry) for hair tonic and hair implant begins now!!!
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