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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(David86 @ Feb 17 2007, 07:39 PM) [snapback]279758[/snapback]</div>
Can I copy and use it like a desktop wallpaper or there's a copyright?
Copyright? What´s that? Of course you can use it. The pity is that I can not give credit to the original artist, as I can't even remember where did I take this pic from.

Anyway, the monster wants to thank all of you for you kindness. He has a bit of a complex about his hands, you know...

Well, since it has been two days since my last update, I guess we can have something big now:

A classic dragon. The original one was from Ciruelo, and came in an interesting book called "The Great Book of the Dragon", with lots of lovely ilustrations and stories. Hope you like it.

PD: What a crazy and amazing link you provided us, Lulu. Those Biro Art pics are great.
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