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Default [Amayirot Akago] Blitzer

When did you play the game?

What computer did it run on?

What operating system did the computer run?
Windows 3.11

What were the graphics like?
The game was 2D, I don't remember many colors. The helicopter and the aliens I remember as black, while the ground was white, or something close like beige.

What was the music like?
I don't remember any sound at all.

What was the gameplay like?
I remember you controlled the helicopter and there were alien ships to fight. They were shaped more or less like a disc with big balls at each side. I remember that you could shoot straight ahead and directly down. Maybe also diagonally while moving. Shots that hit the ground made it change color (maybe become darker) and would become passable. Ground normally would cause damage. I think there were caves and people to rescue, but I can't remember the details, I never played it well.

Which perspective were you given there?
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