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Yes, you are correct!

The PDF file is a type of e-book. You end up forgetting because most readers, whether devices or apps, accept e-books in their own formats and native only compatible with the developer...

And often, these exclusive e-readers are very lame and suck with lots of bugs (at least in Brazil)! So, I ended up having a not very favorable image of the e-books or e-readers of the major magazines here (iba / GoRead, Europa Digital).

One thing I like about PDF is that depending on the scan, you can search for certain words. On the other hand, such *ahem* “exclusive” e-books (in Brazil) look like a flash file in which you cannot copy or search for words.

I would not know how the Kindle would work since my brother used it briefly and then sold it.

Oh, I have good news, Grandmaster Spectreman. I will send you a PM on the book!

PS: PS: I sincerely hope that a certain someone is not very worried about his position in the ranking of PoE...
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