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Originally Posted by Endymion View Post
Actually, I didn't select the name from Keats, but from the original myth, because of the condition under which I became involved with one of my exes. It stuck since then and I've been using it as a handle for various sites since. Thank you for the quick reply. I don't really want to put my entire dosbox.conf here, because it seems like it'd be too long.

It was preinstalled in the archive, but even trying to install it (by using md, then mounting the new directory as D didn't work. I don't particularly like the drag-n-drop method, because I do use DOSBox as a proper shell as well as for games. I like being able to play a game, go into EDIT to type something up, and, y'know, generally doing all sorts of things I did when I was on a DOS machine.

I know about the mpu401 issue, it's set to uart now, with device=default (I'm tempted to set both to none). I have it set to include 63MB of RAM, and by default it runs at 12000 CPU cycles, with XMS, EMS, and UMB enabled. I can (and do) slow it down for certain games. I also have tried loadhigh, but this doesn't change the result of the specific error.

However, the problem with recruiting seems to be a graphic one. It actually freezes the game completely, and I do not know why. Next time I load the program, I will slow it down and see what happens, and take a screenshot if possible.

I do wish that DOSBox had a fixed escape key or key combo as was set up on my old machine (though that was running DR-DOS), so that if a program screwed up, I didn't need to go to Ctrl+Alt+Delete, I could use an alternate key combo and escape to the prompt.

Oh, just a secondary note - running it straight through WinXP, without DOSBox or a VM, also produces the same error. I try to recruit someone at the bar and it freezes.
Are you trying to run it in Compatibilty Mode in XP when it's a dos .exe or vice versa?

Also, you talk too complicated, I go lalalalaaa!

I like verra com-pli-cat-ed documents, though.

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