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So I thought I'd like to share my thoughts so they wouldn't get wasted despite this project is dead and is likely to be for ages. There was an article in Issue 1 that could be continued - the Fallout vs. Fallout 3. This topic could be an everlasting source of reviews, well, if we have people to write them: Then And Now. We know there have always been reboots and remakes and seemingly everlasting series - we could show people where are the roots of today's great hits, and where may possibly end up. Think of it as taking a glance at The Elder Scrolls' history, from Arena to Skyrim. It's always nice to see what we used to play, and to guess what we will in the next years. We could also write something like this about Ultima, Wizardry, even Grand Theft Auto and such. Plenty of series to compare. I hope we'll once see another issue in this life

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