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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
Dear Yoga.

I own this game in physical form (CD).

It may be that the game is incompatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. This is what happened to me when trying to install and play Largo Winch, Final Fantasy VIII, etc. on Windows 7.

There are 2 ways around this problem:

01) Use the Virtual Machine. I used Oracle VM VirtualBox (free);

02) Installing Windows XP on another HDD and simply launch the Boot Menu at the beginning of the (re)boot of the PC to select which HDD should start to boot. If you install Windows XP on a different partition, but on the same HDD, you should install a program that serves as a Boot Menu. I even installed the Acronis program, but I forgot its name (Windows XP, Windows 98SE, Windows 95 on the same HDD).


I think Windows 7, perhaps from Business and Ultimate editions, has a “Virtual Machine” called Windows XP Mode. I did not like it as it looks very simple and poor.

I think Oracle Virtual Machine is much better, but I personally prefer to use multi-boot.
Also there is MAGICISO. I don't know if it will convert it. However it converts a few file formats in addition. Not sure about NRG. You don't need to pay to convert even in the trial one.
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