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Originally posted by Sebatianos@Apr 4 2005, 08:03 PM
OK - might be a bit harder to understand, but my own again...

The Sphyngs comet to Athens. But because it's in a good mood it doesn't want to cause the plague. So it looks around for the smartest man, the one who's surely gonna answer the riddle.
When the smarets man in town is found the Sphyngs want's to make sure the guy will answer the riddle and asks him: "What do you know?"
Socrates answeres: "Nothing."
A good one indeed!

Reminds me of an old one:

A physics professor is doing some late work at his university office. Suddenly, in a puff of smoke, there stands before him a man with a hoof and two pointy horns sticking out of his blood red forehead. The man says: Sell me your soul, and I'll make you a genius that will dwarf Einstein and Hawking, all you have to do is...
The professor replies: Who are you?
The man: Why, the Devil of course
The professor: Oh no you ain't. There is no such thing as devils or demons
The man: Yes, there is, and I happen to be the Lord of Flies himself
The professor: Oh, C'MON! This is ludicracy. Everybody knows devils are not real
The man: Now you just...
The professor: Ok, prove it!
The man: What do you mean prove it. I'm the Supreme Ruler of Eternal Darkness. My powers are undisputed. I can crush you with merely a wave of my clawed hand.
The professor: If you're such a big shot, then I suppose you can do anything?
The man: Oh, ok. I get your drift. Tell you what. You can ask me anything. If I do it, I get your soul. If I can't, well, you get your prize for free.
The professor, turning his back: Oh, get lost...
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