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Originally Posted by JeZ-l-Lee View Post

Uggg.. sorry the HTML5 Internet version is too slow on your computer.

You can download the official Windows 8.x/10 version from the Windows Store below:

Let us know if the Windows version runs better on your computer.
Also what are the specifications of the computer your ran the HTML5 Internet version on?
(HTML5 is rather slow platform and requires a fairly good computer to run full speed)


Uggg.. sorry, but this game is not optimized for any of the normal user computer, nor can it expected to be.
In case of problems, please download the newest software & drivers and hope for the best, don't expect us to do much work on the game to adapt to anyone but our own expectations on where it should run on. Thanks & please be sure to like our hard work on it, and the very original name, which is so different from being used more than hundreds of times before. Also, it's 110% now, which makes it so much more original!

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