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1. Game is too slow. Extremely slow. I made it up to L8 on "fast" settings, and I must say, there is nothing fast.

2. Mouse control is sluggish and irresponsible. I used "drag to switch" setting, and it worked sometimes from the 3rd, 4th drag.

3. Auto-move of frame is too slow too. It works now, as game is extremely slow, but in any better speed it would be prohibitive.

4. Flashing period of blocks is too long. It must be shortened at least twice to feel it not too prolonged.

5. Freeze mode activated by?.. It looks utterly random for me. If there is some pattern beyond it, it worth to be mentioned in the help section.

6. Esc is immediate quit. Very funny. Ever thought about confirmation prompt?

7. For plot mode it's suspiciously out of plot.


1. If blocks are in flashing mode, and other blocks connects to it because of new rows added, it's not prolongs flash duration. So it's "instant" remove sometimes.

2. If I am starting to move block (dragging it), and frame moving to it, and at this moment new row added, moving block duplicated over cursor, as if one copy moved row up, AND another copy shifted at row below it.
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