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You even watched the video? I thought it was clear. What are you not getting?

Last week the Cypriot Parliament unanimously (some abstained) refused the terms of the bailout imposed upon them by the European Union Central Bank. Apparently, though, overnight the bankers offered them a deal they couldn't refuse (probably threatened to kill them all with mafia assassins or water-boarded them), so that now the large depositors, many being wealthy Russians seeking offshore havens, are going to have a portion of their funds confiscated. But don't be fooled by the media jargon that this as a Cypriot banking crisis. It's not a local Cyprus banking crisis. The crisis exists within the global banking system itself.

Since the near-collapse of the system in 2008, money printing has been up-shifted into high gear. The Federal Reserve Bank in the United States is solidly committed to pumping out $2 trillion per year for perpetuity, or until it's Federal Reserve Notes become worthless collectors' items and souvenirs.

But little if any of the money has gone into the economy for any productive purposes. It has simply gone to the banks, and not even all banks, just a handful of gigantic banks, so they can continue to gamble on the derivatives markets and conceal their massive losses. Because the trillions are going into the financial system to forestall a blowout, and not into the real economy, the hyperinflationary money-pumping has not been transferred to consumer items, and so is not recognized as hyperinflation. Not yet anyway. But, obviously, now the swindlers are becoming more and more daring and desperate. The situation in Cyprus is just a preview of what is to come to all of Europe and America.

One fine day the financial system that everyone depends on to do everyday transactions and to purchase life's necessities will simply no longer exist. It will have been stolen. Everyone's personal wealth will be stolen, as if thieves had climbed through an open window, into every home and plundered every household.

What will come next? A new money system, where no one will be able to buy or sell unless…​

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I really hate that new "trend" to post links to other sites without even daring to explain what it is about. If the idea was that I don't bother going there then way to go, you did it.
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