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I cleaned up a mask mess that has been giving admins some serious head-ache from back when this forum was created - and it has only gotten worse since then.

I had to redesign the entire mask setup from scratch, and then edit every single member on this site that has access to a hidden forum (like the Grammar forum, the Updates forum and the new Moderator forum). This was well over hundreds of user profiles. Which is why mistakes can easily happen - like with the case of the updaters suddenly not being able to start topics in the Games forum.

(We had 25 different masks earlier, and using that system was extremelly troublesome. If we had opened another hidden forum, we'd have to create at least 8 more masks just for that new forum. Now we have 12 masks, and adding a new hidden forum would mean only a single new mask.)

That was what I did
ViGERP AKA what I have been working on these last couple of years...
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