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Default Well I've rearranged my pictures to prioritize my family.

I miss my family. I remember growing up having a little bit of good memories a few times. I miss my dad. It is amazing what pictures can do. When you prioritize your pictures it sets up a memory area that makes you recall that particular picture in the order you set it.

I'm not perfect but I appreciate the times when I was growing up making mistakes. It made me who I am today with regrets and all.

I regret not waiting for my wife. I jumped the sack too early and landed with someone else. Today I am starting all over learning to date again.

But I am happy for other events like my mother still being around. I don't have much left but I have a handful of true families left. I can count them on 1 hand.

I can't begin to thank the people in my life who are strangers who did kind to us!

I will never meet any of you in person but I am grateful for you putting in the efforts to share the games that you have and making my time pass by happy! I can't speak for the other members or lurkers however I am speaking for myself.

God is Jesus Christ in human form!!!

God created all other little gods.

Satan even serves God#

Where do I get my information? The Holy Bible (all 1000 pages 3 times)

Am I sure? No but my dad died respecting Jesus Christ although he was Buddhist.

What about your mom? She was born pure blooded Catholic from birth.

Anything else we should know about you? I am a God fearing person who chooses God because of my parents. It is their dying wish for me. When I talk about God what I mean is Jesus Christ in Heaven# When I talk about Jesus Christ that means Satan serves Jesus Christ#

How do you know Satan serves Jesus Christ? It says so in The Holy Bible! If you read The Holy Bible it says God created all living life forms and all life forms will kneel before God# Also it says God eventually came down to earth and became man. This man is named Jesus Christ
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