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Post Thank you Jesus Christ!


mom Huong Thi Vu
dad Nguyen Binh Thuy
sis Nguyen Khoa Thuyen
sis Nguyen Khoa Thi
wife Ho Thi Nga
daughter Nguyen Khoa Tuyet
myself Nguyen Khoa Tien

God: Jesus Christ

friends: It is hard for me to list friends since I don't know who are my real friends. However I will say that kind strangers have been around in my life. It is a benefit that people live next to you and don't do harm to you or your family. It is a benefit that people at work and where you visit don't hurt you in private or public. No matter what color you are there are people who do mind themselves so in a way it is very helpful.

My mother Huong Thi Vu tells me that all people of all color even blacks depends on each person and their character. Some might think pure thoughts more than others. However the important thing is what are they doing? Are they doing something that benefits society or someone somewhere? Being patient is a very noble act however even Jesus Christ only forgave up to 490 times or so. My parents gave me either 1 or 3 times and they spanked me. haha

Anyways if you are alone and not having anything to do don't worry. You are safe and sound away from strangers! One day you will find that someone special you will marry and settle down like my parents. Life may not always be perfect however we can change that. We can choose to interact with someone or not. If you don't like someone then they'll get the message. If they don't move on then ignore them. Be the chooser.
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