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Default The Future Is Unpredictable - The Holy Bible

Yes! Being on the side of Jesus Christ is a winning moment always. I had originally prayed that I would not be in torment anymore. I was a victim of someone who harasses on the side of evil. In fact he sends mail to my home all the time and laughs that I give him the mail. Well today I felt I took it too long. The period of mail delivery is 1 year for forwarding in the post office department. I went beyond that for 3 years# Way more than anyone was expected to personally do that when they had 3 whole years to change the mail address. Today the person who is my enemy has another mail sent to my home. I ripped it in half and threw it in the trash and put garbage all over it. Thank you Jesus Christ that victims take a stand again and form of harassment. Please if you are a victim of rape like Gloria Allred or any other victim like myself please believe in Jesus Christ and take a stand!!! It is liberating to know you are broke the control of the evil doer.
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