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Unhappy This site is very glitchy!

ok, i like this forum... but there's some things that annoy me about this site, and i'm gonna go over them now, but I want you guys to comment (or reply, whatever it's called here) if you've ever had any of these happen to you...

1. Slow in general

I can see the occasional slowdown as this forum is really popular in the geek community, but it takes forever for the server to respond even at times when there aren't that many people on... and this is more than likely the cause for my 3rd point.

2. I cannot edit my info on the profile page...

for the location I'm trying to put "Stoney Creek" but whenever I try to save, it either gives me an error saying "server took too long to respond" or it does what I'm calling "save psyches" (I hope that works...) where it says "changes saved", but when I refresh to check, it's replaced with "N/A" ... I also tried from the settings page, but NOPE, NOTHING!

3. Database Errors! oh dear lord!

17 or so times now I've gotten an error page saying "Database error"... this is all I've got as now when I try recreating the process that caused the error, it suddenly works... help.

i will add to this as i encounter any problems in hopes that an admin sees this and knows why this is happening...
If anything in my posts confuses you, lemme know either by PM or my email ( and I'll clarify...

And yes, my name is Carter Nugent, not a big deal, right? it's just annoying having to censor my name in every screenshot...
also, my avatar is my Minecraft skin... it's a shoutmon.

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