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Originally Posted by Japo View Post
The same happens over here once in a while. As well as when the fast reply doesn't work and takes you to a webpage saying that some "security token" is missing, those times losing the post and its text as a consequence.
Oh, I quite familiar with last one. It's simple, unlike first. When you are at forum, it makes cookies renew automatically with each refresh of page or switching branches - otherwise it expires in 10-15 minutes, I think. But if you are writing post, it cannot refresh cookies from here. I think, "security token" is the direct consequence from it: site tries to push your post with "old" cookies, and fails.

...Hmm, thinking about it, double post can be simply the other side of the same coin: if I am refreshing cookies (by other activities on forum), it can be reaction of system for too late posts too!
Sure they'll put them on top of the pile with the rest.

Where's that bug report form you say...??
Sorry for my weak humor sense. Of course, it's the same "Contact us" form that you mentioned now and again. But why are you ask that?.. *going with "sarcasm" explanation as most probable*.
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