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Originally Posted by Eagle of Fire View Post
If you don't activate JavaScript for this site it will act like there is absolutely nothing in the database to show you.

That's a big con for it right there I think. If they didn't want you to be able to use the search without JS then at least say so or prevent the search in the first place...
The site uses the same naming conventions as MobyGames, so I simply type the titles in the address bar manually.

Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post
Well, maybe it's a neat site, but I wouldn't be too happy with it's recommendations.
According to the information page, the similarity of games is determined by automated statistical analysis of reviews obtained from gaming websites based on keyword relevance. Even though the results may be inaccurate (and some simply wrong), this is a rather promising and by all means interesting way of processing such information IMO.
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