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Default Strange site behavior

I didn't know, whether it is site problem, my firewall or my Russian provider, but problem exist: I cannot access directly address Also, of course, I cannot login, view news, etc. It is simply "empty" page, without anything, for me.

But it is relate to pure .com page only. If I try, it redirects to .com, and site magically appears! Then there is no problems with forum, reviews or anything - except main page. I can even login, but page "" not displays too (but press "back" and select any link from previous "redirected" page made me registered user .

What it could mean?

It could be something with raw IP. It says, when I try to ping it, that it is But no ping. Also if I trying to use this IP in browser, it leads to ! (And last one work without problems). My provider's DNS?

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