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I think both men were operated on their throat. And as i understand from the video the show got canceled afterwards and obviously, as the guy says, it was the end of the guy's TV carreer. But you have to admit it's funny if you dont' understand what they are saying.

The poor guy is really sorry, but somehow i understand him. I had a similar expereince once and you won't believe how hard it is to hold in your laughter. I was asked to read a poem in front of large audience consisted of all school teachers, headmaster, all parents and students. I was also the announcers. My teacher knew i had problem because althought my voice is nice for that and my reading very fluent i tend to start laughing if i make slight mistake. different people cope with stress in different way. i had this since i was a child.

anyway when the day came everyone was quiet and there i was starting reading the quite long poem. and then at certain verse the dog outside started to houl. now this verse was repeating. and everytime i read it the dog houled and somehow his voice overcame mine. at first the audience was laughing more to themselves, then they started to laugh out loud. while i had this huge trouble in remaining calm. but in the end it was just too funny and i had to laugh as well.

the trouble is i have problem stopping (like this guy). so to reduce my tension i stepped to the window and looked outside like Mr. Bean like i am looking for the damn dog. the crowd started laughing outloud. that sort of calmed me down. i then got back to the mic and read it through barelly holding my laughter. but i managed to do it somehow and i got a huge applause at the end. :angel:
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