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- Dragon Warrior III

Some NES and SNEs Maps got fixed.

  • Isis SNES added correct door near (K)
  • Cave West of Noaniels NES corrected Treasure List
  • Kazave SNES added forgotten Shop-List
  • Ashalam SNES fix Shop-list
  • 2. Pachisi Track SNES added forgotten Shop-List
  • Gaia Navel SNES forgot to add Dungeon Name in Box and mark "3" red.
  • Samanosa SNES add (M)
  • Cave of Ra SNES mark Numbers of Mimic red.
  • Ludatorm SNES add (D)
  • 4. Pachisi Track SNES correct small mistake.
  • Rubiss Tower SNES mark Mimic red.
  • Zomas Castle SNES mark Mimic red.
  • Bonus Dungeon SNES add Treasure (20) and rmv wrongly placed sprite.
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