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Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post
Um, you are not exactly understand how PDF works, Mystvan.

PDF is capable to has two different formats in one file (technically, it's even more, but these two are most prominent). One is picture layer, that is simple picture scan. It's most simple one, and easier to implement. There are many programs that can save pictures in PDF, and even some scanners that does so. Unfortunately, as there are mere pictures, there is still not possible to copy text or search anything - it's not exists in file!

Second layer is text. It must be generated manually or recognized from picture. Recognizing is far from perfect still, so requires a lot of manual works. It must be relied on only if you haven't other means to get it. But if you do that other way, it's automatical feature: converting prepared text into PDF file. This way most "original" PDF made, I believe.
Greetings, Grandmaster Spectreman.

Yes, I agree 100% with what you said, because there are things that I did not know in more depth. On the other hand, I would also make small reservations, because, technically speaking, although I did not say in depth, but I would not be wrong even though mine was very simplistic. Or maybe I have written with little clarity. If that was the case, it was my fault.

When I said this
One thing I like about PDF is that depending on the scan, you can search for certain words.
That is, I already knew that it was possible to have in the same file texts that can be copied and texts that cannot be copied or searched for.

I bought some texts in PDF for professional purposes and realized that on some pages it was possible to copy and paste words while on other pages the texts looked like pictures with the damn watermark to prevent competitors from using their material. So lame! And the customer is hurt by this childishness and unprofessional attitude from them!

On the other hand, such *ahem* “exclusive” e-books (in Brazil) look like a flash file in which you cannot copy or search for words.
Certain apps or e-book readers do not use the PDF format. While downloading the e-books and incorporating them into the library, the files (on PC) have strange names and unusual file formats.

What I meant is that I do not care about these idiosyncrasies of the “exclusivist” attitude of the e-readers (apps), but at least they could not afford to allow to copy and paste texts? They offer magazines about business and economics, news, health, pets, etc., but do not allow readers (customers) to use these data?

As far as I know, my brain has no search engine to allow me to locate certain essential words for professional use. And it is just a type of HD with data storage limit. Maybe just for me to poke around, my brain seems to be bottomless, endless, unlimited, longbottom, etc...

At least, my 02 digital journals are web pages that allow me to search and save pages.
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