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Default File Hosting

Max filesize: 100 MB
Deletion: 30 days since last download for non-members. For free users, same but only if you after more than 60 days since last account logon.

Additional: No wait time or limited simultaneous downloads. Allows download managers/accelerators and resuming of interrupted downloads (up to 24 hours).
Verdict: Excellent for smaller archives, not bad for multi-part ones (for larger games) either.

Max filesize: 300 MB (recent change from 100 MB)
Deletion: after 90 days with no download

Limitations: After downloading a file a wait-period kicks in preventing the user from downloading another file for a certain period of time (several minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the file the user just downloaded).

Verdict: Good for single-CD games, but impractical for multiple-CD games.

Max filesize: 500 MB
Deletion: after 21 days with no download

Limitations: Limited number of download slots per country forces users to wait until there is a free one. This can prevent users in some countries from downloading any files from the service.
Also, it is not uncommon for MU to block unregistered downloaders altogether for a time, forcing them to install a toolbar in order to be able to download content.

Verdict: Avoid.

- Max filesize: 1GB
- Deletion: non-members - after 50 days of no download, free membership - 90 days of no download
- Uploaded pictures are never deleted
- Download limit: non-members - 4.8 GB / day, free membership - 12 GB/ day
- Download speed: 500 kb/s max (non-members / free members)
- Max. parallel downloads: 1 (non-members / free members)
- Multi-upload of many files: non-members - no, free membership - yes

The size limit is 100 MB per file.
You have to log in your free account at least once per 30 days. Otherwise, your free account and all your files will be automatically deleted!
5GB of free space
All files can be downloaded unlimited times, but each file can be downloaded by one visitor at the same time only.
Also, any visitor can download one file only at the same time.

Max filesize (unregistered): 300 MB
Max filesize (registered): 1000 MB
Deletion: Unknown
Multi-upload of many files: yes

Additional: No wait time or limited simultaneous downloads. And unlimited Space for files in the FREE account.
Verdict: Good for Larger archives (especially when you register FOR FREE), when multi-part archives is unwanted by uploader.
  • 2GB of online storage for free, with up to 100GB available to paying customers.
  • Dropbox transfers will correctly resume where they left off if the connection drops.
  • Efficient sync - only the pieces of a file that changed (not the whole file) are synced. This saves you time.
  • Doesn't hog your Internet connection. You can manually set bandwidth limits.

Multiupload gives you mirrors to other upload sites, even though you only uploaded to Multiupload itself. So Multiupload uploads for you to the rapidshares, depositfiles, hotfile, zshare, and megaupload.

Thanks to Fifth, Scatty, GTX, WolverineDK, etc... for Info.
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