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Hello! Thanks so much for the quick reply.

So, I somehow got the game to work. I think it had to do with the way I organized my files. I had a fully set up DOSBox game that I had downloaded some time ago that included the game, Windows 3.1 and a configuration file to make the setup easier for beginners like me. As I was organizing folders to mount the C drive for Freak Show, I duplicated Windows 3.1, put that in a folder, and then put my other game folder (which still included Windows 3.1) beside it. So maybe it had something to do with the duplicate Windows?

What I ended up doing was taking the files that the image created during installation, and put that in the folder with my older game. I deleted the duplicate Windows 3.1 as well, mounting the original folder for my other game as C drive. I also mounted the image to the E drive just for safe measures.

I'm still not exactly sure what was causing the problem, but it works now, so I guess that's something. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion!
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