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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post

Dear Abandonians,

I'm taking a moment to thank you all for the great times together. I was really only active between 2009-2012 tops, but I always cherished the memories of our time together. We played some old games, we played some new, made some articles and put out good content, I believe.

Also AB is probably the topmost reason I have a reasonable understanding of English and a Master's Degree in it. So kudos to You for talking to me (and thanks for my parents for paying the ISP check. lol).

I wouldn't list anyone in particular for fear of missing out someone important. Let's just say I hope you are all still lurking around in 2019 and onwards.

I wish you all a Happy, Prosperous New Year, and Good Health.

If you like, drop me a line to my mailbox, I still monitor it.

My Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of your registration on Abandonia!

I am glad that although AB Forums have been more active in their moments of glory in the past, there are some very old users like you who are still active. Situation very unlike a certain self-righteous crazy spammer troll that was banned several times by trolling here recently!

So I hope you and other former members may still be active for a long time!

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