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Actually, I'm starting to question if it was Nodtronics. I actually got the collection CD via a "Book Club" subscription thing so it might not have been by them, but I swear it was. Looking at way back machine on their website, they don't feature it (even with the oldest version of their website done in horrible Flash Player).

When I popped the disc in, I had to install the launcher, and then the launcher would read the database off the CD and present it in a neat fashion.. The launcher had a green 3D textured feel to it, and the list of games and description boxes were pretty much black and lime green text. On the side, you had "Run from disc", "Save to HD", "Order Info", "Help" and Exit. The menu would make a whoosh noise over the buttons, and make a clunk when you clicked one of the themed buttons.

It was from there I found the game. However, I've just lost the name of the game, and well... it's gone to the mists of time.

It was definitely shareware though, because I remember it had other games like Ooze (or Blob?) which you had to get a blob thing back to his tub, Dynamite Joe (another game that was fun as heck to play, even with the demo limitations) and some trivia slot machines (WinTrivia Slots?). Oh, and it also had shareware Earthworm Jim on it.

I may not be able to remember the exact game, but I can remember what the disc looked like and the launcher too.
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