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Default Trying to find a old DOS game, featuring a capsule robot and a space planet world

Hey there!

When I was younger, I had a disc of 1000 games in 1 which was published by Nodtronics which apparently are defunct (at least their Australian branch). What the disc contained was many shareware/trial versions of games, and I remember there was a few games on that disc that I really enjoyed.

The game I was trying to find was a MS-DOS game that had VGA graphics and scrolling - and this is where my memory starts exhibiting bad sectors - but the game was an exploration scroller. From what I can remember, you controlled a R2-D2 looking little capsule robot on the screen, and you went around to different locations, collecting keys to open colour-coded doors and hitting switches.

It had no major backgrounds filling the screen, most of the time the screen was black, or a different fill colour in the event you fell into an ocean or whatever. If you hit a enemy or fell into a crater, then you'd get a PC Speaker "Boom" sound, and you'd be respawned where you entered the area, or your last save point (I believe). Music was literally just a quiet... amibent track (?) that had something like a clack on wood as a echo. Very spacey.

Oh, and I think there was a "Whoop" sound if you used the jet pack.

Bottom of the screen contained your money, keys and other status things. If only my memory allowed me to recall that screen layout...!

Since the game was shareware, I used to get a "Please buy this game for $20 USD to remove this notice. We will now return you to the title screen." that I used to get around by saving and loading straight away when I hit "Start Game". I can't remember the exact wording.

If only I had the disc... Sadly it was trashed as it got scratched many moons ago. Shame.

Here's what I know:
When did you play the game? In the 2000s, when I was in high school. But I know the game was designed for DOS or Windows 9x.
What computer OS did it run on? MS-DOS... Maybe Windows 9x?
What computer did it run on? Uhhh.... Anything that DOS ran on? Maybe IBM compatibles?
What were the graphics like? VGA, 16 colours I believe. Maybe more. 2D.
What was the music like? Amibent/Spacey.
Were there speech? Maybe... cannot remember. Safe to assume no.
What was the gameplay like? Platforming, Adventure. Maybe kinda like Dizzy in some regards (a big world to explore)... Side-scroller would be a safe assumption.

It's been ages since I've played and no matter how hard I try to remember the game title, my memory fails me. I've looked on various websites fruitlessly, so I hope you guys can dig a little for me and point me in the right direction. Thank you!
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