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I forgot to add you could also encrypt folders and files on the HDDs.

I think it is an exaggeration, because I doubt that a highly specialized hacker would like to squeeze home user data.

Only the lamers and noobs try to use social engineering and other tricks to try to deceive the unwary.

And without mentioning that in case you forget the password that unlocks your personal data, simply pull the hair and break your head on the wall...

I back up both through physical storage and cloud storage via Dropbox. I’ve already suffered data loss from HDD, but thank goodness I’ve never had data loss in the cloud. The only complaint I have is that during synchronization, sometimes file conflict occurs (I forgot the correct term).


One thing I appreciated on Windows Phone would be its integration with Outlook (Webmail) and OneDrive. But only this. Because the syncing of files and photos is not as good as I expected.

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