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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
Neville Longbottom , I would have suggestions on the solutions I adopted for this problem:

External Hard Drive: serve as backup and have portability. The disadvantages would be the material susceptible to falls, slowness and the possibility of data loss in a blackout and theft case.

Storing data in the cloud as Dropbox. It is great, you can access it anywhere in the world without having to carry it, the secure data on Dropbox servers, 2-step access security. The disadvantages would be the cost of the service, paid monthly or annually, data loss (very rare occurrence) on Dropbox servers.

My brother and I compared storage services in the cloud and Dropbox is the big winner. OneDrive does not have all the options and sync quality of Dropbox. Unfortunately, neither OneDrive nor Google Drive are match for Dropbox.
Dear Myst,

Although OneDrive free if you use less than 15 GB is limited it is free and works for limited backup purposes if you need less than 15 GB.

Neville: I don't trust online servers either however I try to cover all my loopholes. My permanent solution is CD/DVD [but not RW (ReWritable) ones]. Make sure you look for the label RW on your CD and DVD you buy. If it is RW it could be erased easily!

I am just grateful in the 30 years I've used computers give or take a big period of rest that what was lost doesn't really matter. Something new always comes to replace the old unfortunately if you are old [I miss my grandparents].
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