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What about if you divide the issue into three chapters?

Chapter 1 will have some kind of comic about the AB mods (who are some kind of superheroes or something that either save the world or their forum from nasty trolls and the bots of havoc). Fight scenes will be anime-ish; or you could have the cute little AB mascot be a superhero and go on these different adventures and stuff (with several references to your favorite classic video game thrown in every now and then). When the cartoon is over, you can heavily advertise your site on the next two or three pages.

Just a thought for the first section.

Chapter 2 should have all the goodies; reviews, rants, critiques, things like that. The usual stuff (and maybe each author can make their own little cartoons out of a few of the in-game pics like Encyclopedia Obscura does). Oh; and maybe throw in a quote or two from some folks in the forums who commented either on the game or made some totally funny/awesome observation (kinda like what Wired Magazine does sometimes in the beginning of their magazine).


Chapter three can be some fan-made comic about a particular video game; maybe Teenagent, maybe Raptor: Call of Shadows, maybe Resident Evil. And you can break the comic up into serials so that people will be anxiously awaiting the next issue! Or you can be like all the other newspapers and just do a funny little comic (albeit loosely based off of some video game) at the end of the magazine that will give your audience a good laugh (something like this or this)
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