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I would rate the following games by this rating:

A: It would be great to play the game again!
B: It would be good to play the game again!
C: Whether or not to play the game again...
D: It is not worth playing the game again...
E: Get away from this game!


01) Brave Soul;
02) Chain ~ the Lost Footsteps (Footprints);
03) Crescendo;
04) Critical Point;
05) Desire;
06) Divi-Dead;
07) EVE burst error;
08) Kana ~ Little Sister (Imouto);
09) Nocturnal Illusion;
10) Runaway City;
11) Season of the Sakura;
12) Tottemo Pheromone ~ Target: Pheromone;
13) Three Sisterís Story;
14) Virtual Reality Dating Simulator May Club.


01) Adam the Double Factor;
02) Casual Romance Club;
03) Come See Me Tonight ~ Watashini Konya Ainikite;
04) Come See Me Tonight 2;
05) Do You Like Horny Bunnies? ~ H na Bunny-san wa Kirai?!;
06) Little My Maid;
07) Kango Shicyauzo - Iím gonna Nurse You *Voice Plus*;
08) Kango Shicyauzo 2 ~ Is the Sorority House Burning?;
09) Private Nurse;
10) Snow Drop;
11) The Sagara Family;
12) Tokimeki Check-in!;
13) X-Change;
14) X-Change 2.


01) Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 2 ~ H na Bunny wa Kirai?!;
02) Fairy Nights;
03) Fatal Relations
04) Figures of Happiness (stupid MC!!!);
05) Heart de Roommate;
06) Hitomi - My Stepsister;
07) Iím Gonna Serve You 4 - Tsukushite Agechau 4;
08) Idols Galore! - Please Enjoy the Idol;
09) Legend of Fairies;
10) Letís Meow Meow!;
11) Pick Me, Honey!.


01) Amyís Fantasies (Eimi to Yobenai de! or Donít Call Me Eimi!)
02) Jewel Knights Crusaders;
03) Love Potion.


01) Gibo - Stepmotherís Sin;
02) Secret Wiveís Club ~ Hitozuma Hime Club;
03) Sensei 2;
04) Slave Pageant;
05) Tsuki - Possession;
06) Virgin Roster - Shukketsubo;
07) Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber.

PS: I did not rate the games that although they are part of my collection, they were not played by me in a way that would not be possible to rate them.


Well, I certainly increased my music knowledge and repertoire after becoming a Spotify subscriber.

I recently realized that Crescendo has been using Ragtime musics as Background Music.

To tell the truth, I would avoid playing very dramatic games like Crescendo, Kana ~ Little Sister (Imouto), Little My Maid, Private Nurse, Snow Drop, etc.
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