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Because twillight has posted on some eroge, I would be thinking of doing a search between my archives a ranking, or rather, a rating of the bishoujo games that I had posted 14 or 15 years ago on the extinct PeaPri BBS... and now JAST USA Forums.

If I can find my old post, I will post here based on some criteria I had adopted at that time.

Of course, the criteria may differ as the tastes and preferences of the players are very subjective and personal. At last, live the diversity!

I had promised to search my archives for the pages of an old site regarding the Champions and Heroes of the Master of Magic (MoM).

Now that I am backing up the data from my old internal and external HDDs to Dropbox, this will make it easier for me to do my search on the rating and MoM pages.

Perhaps I can also find a Guide I’ve compiled, summarizing and compiling data from several Walkthroughs, as far as possible with the permission of the authors, of an eroge RPG called Brave Soul (BS).

Unfortunately, that Guide had been hosted on the HonestGamers, which ended up deleting and removing Guides and Walkthroughs about various old games!
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