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Question EMS problem with usb driver

I need to load EMS (EMM386.exe) and USBMASS (shareware usb 2.0 driver) on this harddrive-less Pentium 1 computer to run Dune with music directly from a usb stick.

With ems, while usbmass.exe loads, when I check my usb stick dir, instead of the list of files, all I see is "IO.SYS" and nothing else.

So I guess this has to do with emm386 and how it is using some part of the memory that usbmass.exe needs, because without ems, usbmass.exe works fine.
I was trying many configurations but although I read a lot and tried a lot, I'm a complete ignorant of how to fine-tune emm386 and assign "parts" of the memory.

The usbmass.exe allows one to define the start address of i/o pool and the start address of memory pool, the help page says:

/io:n start address of I/O pool (default 0x00002000)
/M:n start address of memory pool (default 0x000D0000)

So what parameters should I pass to either emm386.exe or usbmass.exe to get them both working at the same time?

Thank you in advance.
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