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Originally Posted by twillight View Post
Siege of Avalon is a very Diablo 1-like game. Actually, I wrote the review of it for

Fallout 2 is reinstalled, but I have the "too fast worldmap travel" bug, and although I've found a theoretical solution (patch), but I did not try it out yet due to other things to do. So I still not left Arroyo. If I can circumgo the bug I'll write a journal version of my adventures to give it a better worth.

Oh, dang, if I'm already talking about journals and stuff, why not give list of my existing projects:
computergames: I have an ongoing tournament for Diablo 2 with a singlepass hardcore character. The Gorky17 "pass without any wound" playthrough. Siege of Avalon (but maybe I should get this from or something to assure I don't have a bugged version as it is quite long if you think on it). Baldur's Gate 2 has probably an ongoing fighter-druid solo playthrough (dang, I don't even remember!) and the solo poverty playthrough (to see how far I can go). G.O.L.E.M.'s last race. Teraafire (minor project as it is kinda arcade-action game). Fallout Tactics deathclaw playthrough IF I can reinstall the game. Fallout 2's "ultimate pass". And the "I won't give up" game: Baldies.

books to read: The Flying Soucer Project quadrology. Justin Cronin's trilogy if he finish to write it. Power of the Cube. Tad William's Otherworld series (pentology?).

there are also a dozen tv-shows to watch too, but I feel the list is kinda fluctuating

Diablo 2
My singlepass character died. Not my failure, neither the character build (berserker), but 'cause AI-collapsing bug. I did happily killing a sole curropted ranger, when the AI got corrupted, and forgot there is my merc to be attacked instead of me, thus turned to me and oneshoted my character (multishot cursed whatever mobleader, the mob was taunted screens away).

Conclusion is, with a very well thought build and experienced playing and with a little luck (or persistance in shoprunning) it is theoretically possible to win D2 in a singlepass game, but due t the tons of bugs the very-very-very hard road becomes technically impossible.

I'll still keep the game for casual-gaming for its mindless killing-sprea, but otherwise I dispise it, and discourage you to play.

My good friend stopped by "tons of bugs"!
No more.
I promise You, dear twillight, that after finishing System shock 2 and Wizardry 7, immediately will start D2 and will send You good save file to continue from the problem and difficult place.
Friend in need is friend indeed.

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