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Originally Posted by The Fifth Horseman View Post
You can and you can.
Nope. IIRC the manual explains EXACTLY that each recruited civilian increases your Persuadotron's power. You need to have a certain amount of power to recruit a cop, and a higher one yet to recruit an agent. Some cases may require you to have an ID Card, I think. The Brain upgrade of the agent armed with the persuadertron gives a multiplier to the persuadertron's power.

Expansion pack.

Kill them faster with Miniguns. Pick up the bombs to disarm them. Use laser, it doesn't leave corpses. Note the enemies are ignoring the target and focusing on your agents. Or use persuadertron - just be careful to not use it on the agent you're protecting. That last one? Heavily upgraded Agents + 1 Persuadertron = victory without firing a gun ONCE.

Not really. It leaves you unable to return fire. Lasers ten to help there.
Actually the manual says only your brain-implant enchances your persuation-power, and what you require to persuade better is brain-implant.

There is no exp.pack here.

- about Kenya-mission: another clever guy is Fifth, eh? Bad side of his idea is, you may not get too far away from the protected NPC, what means the idea is useless. Besides during missions carrying zounds weapons you have no space, and while moving the whole team picking up object most often ends up not picking up by any member (possibly another bug).

Look, a tip is not a "100% you have to do this", ok?
By the way you'd be screwed with lasers I bet. Not enough ammo, and you'd be teared by the gunners anyway in miliseconds. If you'd open the last mission, you'd now you're placed right under fire from two different group, 3 more coming seconds later. My bet - the safest bet - is to carry energy shields and run around in the middle of the crowd until 1-2 dies, then run some distance away and let them blow up from their own timed bombs. With 2 energy shield you might even preserve power for both shields (so they can be recharged).
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