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1) You can NOT controll unlimited amount of people. Also can NOT mindcontroll anyone (eg. higher level agents). Also this is NOT solution for either mission I've asked.
You can and you can.
for Paraguay the persudator was malfunctioning, or it had to do with something with the IPA-levels. The solution was to lower the basic IPA level, then rise the actual level to maximum, persuade a random NPC, then persuade the target. Seems bug.
Nope. IIRC the manual explains EXACTLY that each recruited civilian increases your Persuadotron's power. You need to have a certain amount of power to recruit a cop, and a higher one yet to recruit an agent. Some cases may require you to have an ID Card, I think. The Brain upgrade of the agent armed with the persuadertron gives a multiplier to the persuadertron's power.
What is the "American Revolt" mission?
Expansion pack.

(the missions are not random, yes?)
Are not.
- in Kenya I should protect an agent who is white and has mind of his own. He starts to go to his destination, and at the immediate start many enemy comes, all equipped with timed bombs, so when I finish off the arriving mass, the agent supposed to be guarded always dies from the explosions. Any hint?
Kill them faster with Miniguns. Pick up the bombs to disarm them. Use laser, it doesn't leave corpses. Note the enemies are ignoring the target and focusing on your agents. Or use persuadertron - just be careful to not use it on the agent you're protecting. That last one? Heavily upgraded Agents + 1 Persuadertron = victory without firing a gun ONCE.

Upload your savegame in an attachment, let me check the other missions (my saves are generally either at the "just starting out" stage or "I OWN THE WORLD" stage).

Energy Shield is a must in the "final" mission, but it does not protect your team from timed bombs.
Not really. It leaves you unable to return fire. Lasers ten to help there.

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