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Originally Posted by zirkoni View Post
Crashes? I have never seen Syndicate crash (DOS or DOSBox).

IIRC, they all work the same way: highlight the weapon/equipment -> right click to use.

It's an old game. Maybe you should try the sequel, Syndicate Wars (or maybe don't play this game if you don't like it).

I think Syndicate is one of the best DOS games ever, and Syndicate Wars is even better.
When I have to retry the same mission ca. 3rd times the game always crashes. As most of the times it is hard to figure out what the player supposed to do in a certain mission it is pretty regular.

The manual is misguiding, as it does not contain the information required to play (I've read it). And no, most implants work with activated IPA-levels, what can too be adjusted up and down...

It is abolutely true that all missions is about surviving the first minute (= first wave of enemy). Ok, some of the later missions can afford more then one wave of enemy, but that's really it is.

What is the "American Revolt" mission? Anyway, 1 mission from 50 is hardly enough to counter me on the question. Not to mention it is basically impossible to win fights afer the first half dozen quests because the enemy comes in groups and from more then one direction. The AI is simply zillion times better to handle the fights.

Syndicate Wars is currently not avaiable. But if you liked Syndicate (what sucks in too many ways to stand out the trials of time), then give a try to Abomination: the nemesis project. That game succeeds in all fields where Syndicate was just an idea.

Btw, if anyone can help me out with these quests:
- in Kenya (the missions are not random, yes?) I should protect an agent who is white and has mind of his own. He starts to go to his destination, and at the immediate start many enemy comes, all equipped with timed bombs, so when I finish off the arriving mass, the agent supposed to be guarded always dies from the explosions. Any hint?
- in South Africa I'm supposed to infiltrate a military camp. The outer part is guarded by 4 enemy, and separated by a door. As doors are only accessible by vehicles, I sit into the only vehicle in the area, what after a second blows up leaving me hopeless. Any hint?
- in Peru the city is built on pillars. I'm supposed to enter a tunnel to assassinate a guy, but I can't seem to find the enterance to the tunnel. Any hint?
- in Paraguay I'm supposed to persecute some drones. I can clear the area from enemy, but the drone is not persecuted. Any hint?
- in New England all the enemy seems to have better AI, range, reaction - basically they seem to have level 4 upgrades or something. Wtf?
- in Argentina another mindless agent is supposed to be carried over. He goes with his own mind, and all arriving enemy attacks HIM. Worst problem is, enemy comes from all direction. Any hint?
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