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Played this through again for the first time in a while. Ak'shel this time. Still a great game. There was a weird moment when in the Yvel woods where you get the valean cube from the big orcs they just kept coming and coming in endless numbers from the front and the back. Got killed but after reloading couldn't get the massive number of orcs to spawn again, just the small number I have previously had on my playthroughs, maybe half a dozen.

On the earlier pages I noticed an explanation how "Might" works for different player characters, but I'm not sure "Protection" was mentioned anywhere. I did some research. First of all, PCs have a (small) base bonus Protection value, whereas Paulson and Baccata have protection 0 if you remove all their stuff. The sum of the "Defense Factor" (DF) for all equipped items (see for item stats) is modified by a coefficient depending on who you're playing and added to this bonus.

For my testing I played the different characters to when you get Baccata. After putting on 32 DF worth of stuff (5 helm + 5 staff + 10 leather + 12 kite shield) the displayed protection value for different characters were:

Konrad: 48
Michael: 42
Ak'shel: 41
Kieran: 32

So we can deduce that the protection values for player characters must be:

Konrad: 4 + DF * 1.375 (or 11/8)
Michael: 2 + DF * 1.25 (or 5/4, or 10/8)
Ak'shel: 1 + DF * 1.25 (practically identical to Michael!)
Kieran: DF

Kieran has protection 1 when naked, and some combinations of items do result in a protection value of DF + 1, but anyway it's not very significant.

Note that Kieran can't equip boots, losing out on 5-7 protection from that.

Also tested my end-game Ak'shel and with the best stuff, 122 DF he correctly displayed 153 protection.

If reading that got anyone intrested about numbers, here's more good stuff from the earlier pages that somebody found out, don't have to go digging for them:

HP increases on lvlup:

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Fighter level
12-25 HP

Rogue level
2- 12 HP

Mage level
1-6 HP
12-25 MP
18-37 MP for Ak'shel
On "Might":

Originally Posted by Anonymous
First, character's might depends on his hand's shape. Human's and thomgog's hands have might 1, mage's hand has might 3/4 , and cat's paw has only 1/2.
Second, there are bonuses for the characters:
BP - 0, M - 5, C - 2, A - 1, K - 5.
Third, there are power coefficients for them:
BP - 1, M - 3/2(1.5), C - 183/128(1.43), A - 5/4(1.25), K - 211/128(1.65).
So the formula must be
might = [[(weapon power + bonus) * hand's might] * power coefficient],
where [x] means the integer part of x.
Note that double truncation is necessary only for Ak'shel and Kieran.
Delays between swings
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Here are the additional data on delays. Three kinds of delays are denoted by x (delay after shot or missed blow), y (delay after the lucky blow), and z (delay after spell). The value x depends on character and his or her rogue level. Denote the x-delay at rogue levels 1-3 by x1, x-delay at levels 4-7 by x4 and x-delay at levels 8-10 by x8.

Previous data (disk version): For all characters except Kieran x1=10, x4=9, x8=7; for Kieran x1=x4=7, x8=6. For all characters y=4 and z=8.
This was checked only at ferocious difficulty level.

New data (CD version): At ferocious level everything remains the same, but at normal level some of the delays are greater: For all characters except Kieran x1=12, x4=10, x8=8, for Kieran x1=8, x4=7, x8=6. Values of y and z remain constant.
Delays at wimpy difficulty level look the same as at normal.

It is possible that CD and disk version have the equal delays, but I have not checked it yet. And I'm going to obtain nightmare level delays as well.

I do not know why the x-delays are shorter at harder difficulty level. Probably the monsters' delays wane much faster than characters' if you set the harder level, so the reason was to make the difference between the rogue levels smaller. In other words, at the most difficult level you can hardly feel the effect of getting 4th rogue level, and at easy or normal difficulty 4th rogue level helps your characters much.

By the way, I have improved my last result and walked through the game in 2 hours 4 minutes (level: ferocious, self-restriction: not using Vaelan's cube against the monsters).
Random drops. My latest Ak'shel playthrough got Sickle, one of the long swords, "Trouble"(good when you get it), ebony key(useless?), "Death"(worthless).

Sickle was a bugged little saber. Feeding it to the money dealing head in swamp made one of my bows and "Valkyrie" stop shooting. Probably connected to the fact that for whatever reason Sickle itself was unthrowable, it just fell to the ground instead of flying far.

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Here is the list of the items you need a luck to find (at least, in disk version):
1. Horseshoe
2. Halberd (if you are loyal and do not consider Gladstone guards as "monsters")
3. Great maul
4. Sickle
5. Worn key
6. Long sword "Gnarl"
7. Long sword "Snarl"
8. Long sword "Gnash"
9. Great sword "Trouble"
10. Dwarvish scale mail
11. Ebony key
12. Eagle great sword
13. Great axe "Death"

There are also items you can only get using a cheat (no fair way known):
1. Great maul "Pillage"
2. Zephyr ring
3. Bow "Tempest"
4. Cloud ring *
5. Great bow "Darkness" *
(thanks to Undertaker for *)
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Watch This! Here is an addition to Maerryji's item list. I've never seen anyone talk about those things:

axe "Splitter"
great axe "Meister"
great axe "Executioner"
great maul "Thor's Fist"
great maul "Armageddon"
great bow "Tracker"
long sword "Ares' Breath"
long sword "Life Taker"
rapier "Coup D' Grace"
staff "Gainful"
bloody staff
trident "Pestilence"
Mesmer's great helm
aegis kite shield
bronze key
blood key
talba ring
vortex scroll

This is the full list of unknown items of Lands.
It is created by Maerryji (algorithm) and Me (performance) .
Here's a spell list I put together.
Spark I: cost 5, damage 7
Spark II:cost 10, damage 15
Spark III: cost 15, damage 25
Spark IV: cost 25, damage 60

Heal I: cost 5, heal 25
Heal II: cost 10, heal 45
Heal III: cost 25, heal max
Heal IV: cost 60, heal max all

Freeze I: cost 8, damage 10
Freeze II: cost 15, damage 20
Freeze III: cost 30, damage 30
Freeze IV: cost 80, damage 55 ice wall

Lighting I: cost 25, damage 18
Lighting II: cost 30, damage 35
Lighting III: cost 50, damage 50
Lighting I: cost 100, damage 72

Fireball I: cost 20, damage 20
Fireball II :cost 40, damage 40
Fireball III :cost 65, damage 80
Fireball IV :cost 100, damage 100

Hand of Fate I: cost 30, damage 0
Hand of Fate II: cost 60, damage 75
Hand of Fate III: cost 90, damage 125
Hand of Fate IV: cost 120, damage 175

Mist of Doom I: cost 30, damage 30
Mist of Doom II: cost 60, damage 70
Mist of Doom III: cost 90, damage 110
Mist of Doom IV: cost 150, damage 200
Random closing musings:

Ranged weapons are good. At least in the end game monsters do big damage and have nasty melee effects(acid, stun). It's better to attack from afar (especially castle cimmeria lvl 2). A good ranged weapon like Valkyrie or Redemption might be a good choice to replicate at the catwalk.

Michael and Konrad are similar characters, Michael has slightly more power, Konrad more protection. Michael might be "better", but with Konrad magic is easier to train right from the start, so is a good choice if one likes magic and doesn't want to grind orcs one lvl 1 spark at a time with Michael.

Ak'shel is the best mage even though the other two guys might do more damage. There's never too much mana for healing spells and it's fun to be able to actually cast those lvl 4 spells an not just see their effects from wands and aces.

Kieran is a disgusting furry.
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