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SpiDoL (or WarMasterXX)
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I know Sonic CD and Sonic & Knuckles Collection can't be uploaded to Abandonia yet (not until 2011 or 2012). But when that day passes, can I please be the one to upload it to the site?

I own the official CDs.
I applied a No-CD Crack to Sonic & Knuckles and included a patch to make the game run at normal speed in windowed mode on modern systems.
I dumped a full ISO of Sonic CD for uploading to the site. I included the patch to make the game run on XP, Vista, and 7, plus (as a bonus), I made an alternate version with all the American music from the game replaced with the original Japanese music.

Take some time to think about it, but I really want to do this.

Video demonstrating the original Sonic CD PC image and the alternate image:
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