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Originally Posted by Torquemada10 View Post
There seems to be a bug in this game, well it certainly appears to be a bug, my paladin canīt learn spells from scroll he has well enough spell learning points but every time I try to learn a scroll it fails and the scroll disappears.
I've tried loading countless times and tried to learn a full inventory of scrolls but it always fails. Anyone encountered this?
#1 - Make sure it's a scroll that paladins can learn from
#2 - Make sure the level of the scroll isn't too high for your character

Most common mistake is using a scroll which has a spell that is too powerful for your character to learn. He must have a higher level first. This game has no bug like that, as my paladin (Gryban) has learned lots of spells. One of the most important is healing and anti-poison/blindness/paralysis spells, and for that reason Crag (White Wizard) is almost ALWAYS in my party.

I've finished this entire game several times and I've experimented with different characters and this is my usual party:

Atebash (Warrior) - Primary Melee Fighter
Torg (Warrior) - Secondary Melee Fighter
Silk (Warrior - NOT a thief!!) - Tertiary Melee Fighter
Boldin (Thief) - Primary Thief/Ranged Fighter (ditch Silk/Torg/Crag - your choice)
Trasric (Black Wizard) - Primary Spellcaster (All your main killing spells here)
Crag (White Wizard) - Secondary Spellcaster (All your main healing and protection spells here)
Gryban (Paladin) - Melee Fighter/Tertiary Spellcaster (Healing and Benefit spells)

I'll usually start with Atebash, Silk, Spike the dog, and grab Torg from Jonathan's house. Then when I'm done with Twinlake and the surrounding area I'll head north to Crystal and grab Crag who lives in a little tower in the forest south-east of Crystal. In Crystal, grab Trasric and Gryban and complete all quests. Make sure you complete "Spike's quest" (no spoilers ) before ditching him. From here you can either take the boat and go explore the world, or head to the elven village which lies in a south-western direction from Crystal. In this elven village is the quest where you can gain one of the most important items in the game: the Eagle Flute. I'll usually ditch either Silk or Torg and grab Boldin (Thief) from the fortress across the water to the north-west. Boldin is 100% A MUST if you expect to get anywhere in this game.

An alternative to this is leaving out Crag and just keeping an extra warrior, but in this case you'll have to stock up on ALOT of herbs/scrolls/potions for healing the dreaded Blind (playing area goes black), Paralysis (Character can't move), Madness (character can't fucking do anything, completely insane and even attacks your own party )... Sorry if I spoiled too much

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