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Pinball Dreams

Digital Illusions' pinball series in the early ninetees were a real hit! They featured beautiful graphics, dynamic and realistic gameplay, all kinds of tables and much more. Pinball freak or not, once you run this game you will be glued to the screen for hours You can even tilt the table. There are many "missions" hidden within each table, and new ones open up as you reach higher scores. I played this game oftenly, and I haven't unlocked all the missions, so believe me when I say that there is a lot of potential there

Of course, I can't neglect the fact that the music and sound effects are simply fabulous! All in all, a mark of 5 for phenomenal graphics (bear in mind that this is 1992.), wonderful SoundBlaster sound effects and music, and generally for being probably one of the best pinball series ever to be published on PC!

by Kosta
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