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Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity is a fast paced action game where you pilot a futuristic craft and carry out various missions. You kill the bad guys of course

Weapon power-ups, engine upgrades and craft improvements can be picked up after destroying certain buildings. The missions can get a bit repetitive as your goal is usually to destroy a few buildings and then reach the exit. The best thing about this game is probably the flight model which is very attractive.

The game engine is very well done, so you can derive pleasure just from flying near the ground or over the clouds. The music and sounds are satisfactory. One thing I didn't like about this game is the infinite number of enemies. I usually like being thorough while playing games, so I would normally wipe out all enemies, and then complete the tasks, but in this game it cannot be done. You simply have to shoot your way through and ignore the crafts that are behind you.

Still, the game is pretty addictive and you won't give up on it easily. Let that be a warning

Don't place the game into a directory that contains more than 8 letters or the game might return weird errors.

Give it as many cycles as possible, preferrably over 15000.

By Kosta
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