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Goblins 3

Here comes the last of the Goblins trilogy. It is very often that quality of movies and games deteriorates with every new sequel, but fortunately, this was not the case with Goblins. Goblins 3 are just as good as Gobliins 2 and Gobliiins were. I would even dare to say that they are better. The quality of graphics and sound increased, while all the other necessary ingredients remained equal. The scenery in which the storyline takes place is simply breathtaking, thus the huge screenshots. It just seemed unfair to compress them and loose the quality It's a shame that this is the last sequel, but nonetheless they will all be remembered in a good way. If you've come here you probably played the first two parts already so I don't have to yackety-yak about how the game is played or what is it about I will just say that it is just enjoyable as the other two, so if you liked them, you'll love this one as well! Have fun!

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