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Gobliiins was one of those games that always gave me a headache, but were incredibly addictive and fun to play. This game was (and probably still is) extremely buggy. There was some kind of a combination or password that had to be entered before starting the game, and if you did that wrong, the computer would freeze. This was also common during the gameplay itself. I remember braking the reset button because of its over-usage while playing Gobliiins

Nonetheless, the bad parts aside, this game is very original, and beautifully made. You are in control of 3 goblins, each of them having some special abilities. For completing each level, you'll have to carry out some tasks. Some puzzles are simple, but some will require you to let go of logic and use your imagination None of the levels and missions are alike and the scenery is very diverse so the game never gets dull. The graphics are pictoresque and very detatailed for the time. On the other hand, the sound is unsatisfactory so that's another drawback, but since this is and adventure / puzzle game it's not essential. In conclusion, an absolute must for all adventure/puzzle lovers!

by Kosta
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