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Wacky Wheels

I could go on writing epic tales about how addictive and fun this game actually is, but I suppose the easiest thing to do would be for you to buy it I know, I also hate the fact that Apogee is trying to actually earn money on those old titles, but hey, that's how big corporations work! They are just trying to squeeze out as much money as possible from games that have no right to be sold at this day. However, since this place is reserved for a review, I'll give you a few hints. There are several animals at your disposal (panda, racoon, moose, tiger, lion, shark...) and you choose which one to race with. There are 3 categories of levels, each one containing about a dozen. Thats's over 30 levels, and trust me, it will take a while before you get bored with a single one. The racing model is quite simple. Throttle, brake, steering, handbrake are all the elements you have to master. And of course, no game is fun without weapons, so there are some hedgehogs, oil tanks and fireballs at your disposal on each level. The sound is just amazing, graphics are also excellent, two-player mode is supported and last but not least, addictivness can be compared to one involving heavy drugs

by Kosta
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