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Flight of the Amazon Queen

- "Hello, I'm Joe King!"
- "Well stop it then!"
This is my favorite part of this excellent adventure game, that could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with any LucasArts adventures (and that says a lot)!

To make a long story short, you have a spoiled dame on board your plane and you crash in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. While you're looking for a way to repair your plane she's off into the wild green yonder. You, of course, have to go after her to discover that she's with a tribe of Amazons, that like to take men prisoners and do unspeakable things to them (in the most pleasurable way possible). That's why two guys are desperately trying to get back to their camp (last time they didn't want them, because they had a strange rash on a part of the body not appropriate to mention at this point). There's also a gorilla in the jungle, but after a series of long philosophical conversations, this gorilla realizes it is completely out of its place and vanishes into the air.

Needles to say, if you complete the game you get the woman back and become a hero (not an Unknown one), because everybody will remember your name - JOE KING (joking).

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